P.Louise ‘BASE’IC Brights

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P.Louise ‘BASE’IC Brights

Introducing P.Louise Basic Brights. I’m not sure whether you are ready to handle the colour overload when I drop the full collection of the P.Louise ‘BASE’IC Base range, so I’ll ease you in gently and blind you with the P.Louise Baseic Brights first. Designed to inject flashes of colour into your eye makeup using the easiest method possible. The super creamy consistency allows you to create fluid, effortless designs in the blink of an eye.

Challenge yourself and dare to break the rules of conventional makeup to create designs with increased vibrancy, sass and attitude with five colour popping bright shades.


With make up like this babe, you are far from ‘BASE’IC.

5 x 15ml

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3 reviews for P.Louise ‘BASE’IC Brights

  1. 5 out of 5


    One of the best makeup products i have purchased in a long time! P’louise has smashed it out the park when it comes to this product, they are so pigmented, versatile, creamy and they blend like an absolute dream! Definitely a staple piece in any working makeup artists kit (most certainly mine) . I have done a full in depth you tube video (kembows) reviewing and showing you how to create a look with these products! I haven’t been amazed or raved about a beauty product in a while so this is a nice change, nothing like it on the market! So worth the money!

  2. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This set is amazing and very pigmented. They’re nice and creamy and blend well. I use them as bases and liners for a range of creative looks.

    The yellow is my only issue. My yellow doesn’t come out of the tube as smooth as the others. It’s really clumpy and it has A LOT of oil that comes out with it. Upon applying it doesn’t matter if i swipe or use patting motions as I’ve seen demonstrated, it separates and is really really patchy. It looks like it needs a good mixing and even mixing on my hand doesn’t help. I don’t know if I got a faulty yellow but I’m so upset as disappointed as the yellow was the colour I was really looking forward to loving. I may have to bin or just skip using the yellow. The formula/ makeup of mine is pretty bad its not useable for me.

    Do not let that put you off trying the set yourself. The other colours are a pleasure to work with and your yellow may not turn out like mine so give it a shot.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This gift set has got to be one of the best sets a MUA could ask for. It helps create bold and unusual looks that couldn’t be made my just packing on eyeshadow. The formula is fabulous for both blending and setting and a little goes a long way. Also the fact that you can mix and create new shades and colours makes it one of the most useful and versatile sets a makeup lover could ask for. 12/10 P’Louise 👏🏽

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