What Are Cosmetic Makeup and Eye Paints?
Our cosmetic makeup and eye paints are multi-use products that offer insane colour payout and vibrancy, to help you be creative when it comes to your glam game. The thick, tear-proof and creamy formula offers full pigmentation for a flawless finish every time. The world is your oyster when it comes to our cosmetic makeup and eye paints babe, but we have put together a few ideas to get you inspired just below. 

How Do You Use Cosmetic Makeup and Eye Paints?
The beauty of our cosmetic makeup and eye paints is that they can be used in so many different ways. You can use them in the waterline to add a vibrant pop of colour to any look, create a cut crease sharp enough to cut out the haters, craft a killer eye liner look, get creative with body art or even use it as lipstick. With these cosmetic eye and makeup paints, you can get creative and show us what you’re made of! 

What Brushes Do You Use With Cosmetic Makeup and Eye Paints?
We want to be precise when using these cosmetic makeup and eye paints babe, so the Acid Reign Brush Set is ideal. It contains a flat paint brush to create flawless strokes, a liner brush for those sharp lines and a cut crease brush for those fine details. With this brush set and our cosmetic makeup and eye paints, there’s nothing holding you back! 

How Are Cosmetic Paints Different To The Bases?
The main difference between our cosmetic paints and bases is that our paints dry completely matte within 60 seconds, whereas our bases stay tacky until they’re set. This means that with the paints you are able to create striking looks that will stay all day, whereas our bases create the perfect blank canvas that you can build on with our other products.

Do You Need To Set Cosmetic Paints?
No! You don’t need to set the cosmetic paints, as they dry within 60 seconds. You don’t need to worry about this product budging babe, as it will be in place all day and night.