Having the best skincare products is so important, as it helps to remove dead skin cells, prevent aging, keep your skin hydrated and it creates a dreamy base for your makeup! Your makeup game will go to a whole new level with a consistent skincare routine! Investing in your skincare products is one of the best things you can do babe.

Prepare to say bye to dull skin and hello to a gorgeous, healthy glow with PLouise skincare!

A skincare routine involves using products consistently in order to look after your gorgeous skin! Having a set routine in the morning and evening will prevent your skin from flaring up, as changing skincare products all the time will send your skincare game to zero babe! Find your dream skincare combination and stick with it for the best results.

Everyone’s routine will be different depending on their skin type, but the best advice we can give is to keep things simple when it comes to your skincare products. In the morning, wash your face well then follow up with a dewy moisturiser for a clean base that’s ready for your makeup.

In the evening, once you’ve taken your makeup off, try our texture treatment to fully exfoliate the skin and show off your true beauty. Prepare to be rejuvenated babe!

If you have oily skin, fear not, because we’ve got the skincare products to help your makeup last all day! Firstly, wash your face with an oil free face wash for the perfect start to your routine. Follow that up with a toner that will help to prepare the skin for the magic that's about to come!

When it comes to moisteriser, keep it simple with a lightweight moisturiser, providing a youthful glow without making the skin feel oily. The final skincare product you need before you are ready to go in with your makeup is a shine control primer, which will mattify the skin and keep you looking flawless. Prepare to show up and glow up babe!

For dry skin, there are plenty of skincare products you can use to get your skin feeling hydrated! Start with a hydrating face wash and wash your face once a day in the evening, then just give it a rinse with warm water in the morning to prevent excess dryness.