There are so many different options on the market to choose from depending on what you’re looking for in your lashes. You might want a natural look, something sultry, wispy, bold or flirty, and there are a pair of lashes for any of those things.

We may be biased, but of course we believe the PLouise lashes are the best out there! With a variety of styles no matter what you’re looking for, our gorgeous and long-lasting lashes can be worn time and time again without losing their fluffy and voluminous finish.

When you are first starting to wear false lashes, you want a pair that is easy to apply, comfortable and not too heavy on the eyes. Go for Rack It Up, an everyday lash that has a stunning soft rounded shape, keeping things natural whilst also bringing attention to those gorgeous eyes.

Whilst some lashes are easier to apply than others, we find that the secret to easy application is letting the glue partially dry on the lashes before trying to put them on. Leaving the glue on the lash line for a few minutes will help it to become tacky, meaning when you place them on the eye, it will be far easier to place them where you want them to be!

One of the most natural looking pairs of false eyelashes are Rack It Up, perfect for a makeup look that you want to keep more understated. They are fabulous and fluffy, giving a subtly enhanced finish.

To keep your lashes looking as good as ever, once you have taken them off, use a cotton bud with makeup remover to gently work away the excess glue and to remove any makeup from the lashes. This will make sure that any residue is removed without causing any damage. Try to avoid soaking them in any liquids or products, as this can easily make your false eyelashes lose their shape or remove the glue where the strip is. After using the makeup remover, leave them to dry properly to prevent any damage!