There are a few makeup brushes that you need in your kit as essentials. Having a mixture of eyeshadow brushes (take a look below) is always advised. Then for face makeup brushes, it’s always good to start with a medium multi-use face brush. This brush has a soft pointed tip that is diverse enough to work effectively for any kind of face makeup application. From buffing in foundation to bronzing your cheekbones, this makeup brush does it all.

You should also invest in a large multi-use face brush, with larger tapered bristles to create a flawless finish across the face thanks to the quick and even application. The bristles help you to easily build the coverage you want for a soft or more full coverage finish.

To finish your collection of face makeup brushes, go for a flat angled face brush. This will fit into the contours of your face, helping you to add definition effortlessly. Again, with makeup brushes like this, it's so easy to build up the product on the face, whether it's highlighter, blush or bronzer!

To start off your collection of eyeshadow brushes, choose a flat brush to help you pad a pat pat that base to give you a flawless blank canvas to work your magic on. You can also use this brush for cutting the crease and carving out the brows.

Next go for a small fluffy eyeshadow brush and also a larger fluffy eyeshadow brush, to help you get that seamless blend as well as adding some depth to the crease.

You will also need a flat fluffy smudger brush to blend eyeshadows under the eye and also to pack on gorgeous shimmers or pigments for the best colour pay off. Last but not least, choose an angled precision brush to add those finer details to the look.

To keep your makeup brushes in the best possible condition, and to ensure that the application remains seamless, it is advised that you wash them once a week. Taking away the build up of products in your makeup brushes, especially ones that you use for liquid based products, will help to apply your makeup more flawlessly. You might be able to leave eyeshadow brushes slightly longer between washes. Find out how to clean your makeup brushes by reading our blog!

If you are an MUA, you need to disinfect your makeup brushes between clients!

After washing your eyeshadow and makeup brushes, you should keep them in a dry area for at least 24 hours. If you put them away any sooner, there is a risk that damp will be trapped where the handle meets the bristles, causing long term damage and reducing the lifespan of your makeup brushes. Stay patient and leave your makeup and eyeshadow brushes to dry properly before packing them away!

Makeup brushes for your concealer, foundation, bases or paints are likely to need to be replaced more often than eyeshadow brushes, which predominantly use powder. This varies significantly depending on the person and how they use their makeup brushes!