Welcome to our Brand New first ever apprenticeships scheme here at P.Louise Make-up Academy. This exciting new course is all about getting you into work, It’s all well and good training you up and gaining those top notch skills but you need to start using them and earning those big bucks. We all know that working in the make-up industry can be very competitive so here at P.Louise we are here to give you that leg up in the industry and get you both the job of your dreams and train you up by some of the best artists in the uk.

What does an apprenticeship mean?

This 12 Month Programme is designed to get you into your dream place of paid work whist also training you once a week to within the academy and via online training to push and develop your skills as an artist.
This apprenticeship scheme is designed to run 5 days a week, 4 days in a work placement and 1 day either within the academy or via online training. Via our online application process we will come to discover about you, your needs and desires, and uncover what would be your ideal job. From this information we will partner you with a place of business based on all the information we have acquired about you. This place of business will support and guide you through the learning processes, with ongoing support from P.Louise staff we will monitor and drive your knowledge skills up.
Once, every two weeks you will visit the academy in person then the second week you participate within our online live training program. Both sessions will cover practical and theory training, educating you in our specialised P.Louise techniques that are unique to our Academy. Within these practical training sessions we will be taking you back to basics and take you through those preened P.Louise brows and that precision perfect eye base, & we all know a good base is the key to success.
Not only do we want to build up your skill, but we want to help build that confidence too!
We will work you through all aspects of makeup covering a variety of styles including; soft glam, evening glam, heavy glam, creative skills and OTT festival glam.
With our in depth teaching style, you will learn to do make-up the P.Louise way. We break down each of our demonstrations step by step, allowing you to take pictures and notes so you can refer back to. We will educate you on the areas you may need more guidance with and train you the P.Louise way. That could be anything from the way you hold your brush, to the amount of pressure you apply or your blending technique. Whatever it maybe we are here to guide and aid you through the learning process.
So what makes this course different? Not only will you learn with some of the best artist’s in the UK right now (if not the world) but we help you to grow in a safe and encouraging environment giving you all of our secrets that we have collected over our combined 40 years of experience but also placing you into the job of your dreams, you will be getting paid to do something you love.

What will i need to bring?

On your first day of enrolment you will be expected to bring a form of ID, a note pad and pen and any makeup brushes you currently own. Although an individual kit will not be provided for each of the students. A kit option will be available for you to purchase at the academy for cost price. This can range from £100-£500. Alternatively you will use the Academy kit within your training, however we do strongly advise you set aside some money to purchase a small kit, so that you have something to be working from in your own time and start building up your client base.

When does it start?

We are looking to do our first intake January 2019. As this scheme runs for 12 months, we will look at another intake the year after.

Where is it based?

The apprenticeship scheme will be based within the Manchester area. This is our initial catchment area, we are hoping to expand the catchment area in the future however for the time being we will be concentrating on the Manchester catchment area.

How Much Is it?

The Apprenticeship scheme is a full funded by the government, which means you do not need to pay a penny toward the course.

How Much Will I Get Paid In My Apprenticeship?

The amount you get paid is completely down to your employer however Minimum wage for your Age Range is usually what should be expected. 

How do I apply?

To apply for this course please click on the link below and fill in our application form and select Apprenticeship’s in the dropdown box.