How do I access the VTCT portal?

You can access the online portal on our website. Go to VTCT Level 3 and select online portal.


Is there a kit included?

 No. Level 3 is completely different to Level 2. It is higher education and unlike Level 2 you have access to use a classroom kit worth £8000 containing luxury and high-end brands. We recommend sourcing your own kit in order to support your learning. Your kit reflects you. Our “must haves” could be a completely different preference to yourself and may not accommodate to your clientele. We do have kits you are able to purchase from us at an extremely discounted rate, again optional to you. We are growing you as an artist, as an individual and a potential employee therefore it is crucial that you buy into your own success, your kit will grow with you as you expand your clientele, makeup knowledge and reputation within your own right. Imagine getting the opportunity to work on set and turning up with no makeup kit, this would affect your opportunities for growth within the forever growing MUA world. We will guide you on your kit to ensure you have nothing but the best at unbeatable prices. We are here to be your go to, use the knowledge within the P.Louise HQ to your advantage allowing us to support you in your kit building.


Will we have access to a £8,000 classroom kit?

 Yes. The classroom kit is phenomenal. The kit consists of brands such as Georgio Armani, MAC Cosmetics, Too Faced and Lime Crime. This kit is accessible for you when accompanied by a member of the P.Louise team. Our classroom kit stays within its empire of the P.Louise HQ and isn’t to be removed. Our kit however, is there for you to experience the colour pay off, the coverage and pigmentation of a variety of different brands. We wanted you to experience each brand before purchasing for your own kit therefore included the best within the market so our P.Louise students get first hand of what luxury feels like. One of the main reasons we have this amazing kit accessible for you is to allow you to gain extensive product knowledge and expertise from our senior artist team who have a combined makeup artistry experience of over 20 years.


 Do we need brushes?

 Brushes are essential for any aspiring MUA. It is important that you have the correct tools to practice, to play and to use on potential clientele. Your brushes are your route to success and ensuring they are clean, sanitized and well looked after is key to a successful career. Without your brushes you are unable to conquer the makeup world. Whether you are working on set, fashion shoots, or recreating your favourite Instagram makeup, your brushes will help you to achieve that flawless finish and you will be expected to bring these no matter the circumstances. We do have a recommended brush list that can be found on our website under VTCT Level 3. Happy shopping and when in doubt on what brushes to purchase remember you’re only as good as your tools. What does your kit say about you?


Can we get a bursary?

The bursary is a limited fund and it is completely as the discretion of Sussex college. It is on a first come first serves basis and P.Louise has no influence on the decision of who is granted with a bursary. Circumstances.


Will a bursary cover the kit cost?

The amount given is determined from the decision of Sussex College. They may grant you with £50, they may grant you with £100 we will not know the exact amount of what you are given.


 How long will it take for our acceptance letters to be accepted?

 When you apply for your acceptance you have to fill in specific criteria. If you use a passport as opposed to any other method of identification your acceptance will take 2 weeks. If you use any other means of identification it can take upto 8 weeks.


 What happens when I can’t get a model?

 “When I started my makeup career I always ensured I practiced, my life revolved around makeup and there was nothing or no one who would stand in the way of my dreams. No matter how many times I was let down, turned away or simply ignored I refused to let these obstacles dull my shine. I want you guys to see this opportunity as your time and there is simply no excuse to not provide your own model. When I worked at MAC on my first interview my model didn’t turn up, I never let this stop me from continuing with my interview, so there I was stood hopelessly, in exchange square asking random people to be my model, to my surprise its crazy what lengths people would go to just to have a full face of makeup. I ended up grabbing myself a very hot model who agreed to attend my interview with me, the rest is history” – P.Louise.

We give you guys time to plan and it is important that you control your own opportunities. You must plan your own time frames, your equipment and models well in advance to ensure you are never in P.Louise’s interview experience. Instead, utilize those around you, if you must stand in Denton recruiting your own model agency, then so be it. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. Remember you will one day make this dream a reality and all you have to do is ensure that you are prepared for all scenarios.


Where will my model go during class if they have travelled with me?

 P.Louise HQ is beautiful. Our surroundings are welcoming and there is so much to do here, not to mention the endless shopping that can be done on our Denton retail park. Did I fail to remind you, we have a Flannels in Denton ? With the likes of Costa Coffee on our doorstep, your model is welcome to explore our surroundings. We do however, have free Wi-Fi and amazing coffee here at P.Louise with a reception seating area. The reason for your model being unable to sit within class is to ensure our health and safety procedures are followed (our insurance policies are followed and most importantly no students are being distracted).


What happens if I miss a session?

It is so important to ensure you attend all sessions as this is a fast track, intensive diploma. The sessions are set out in accordance to a tight schedule and unfortunately there is no movement or exceptions to this. We understand under some circumstances you will miss some of your sessions, however it is your responsibility to communicate with Andrew (Head of VTCT) in advance, who will be able to arrange catch up sessions if and when they are available. Please understand catch up is given as a good will of gesture by P.Louise and is not compulsory.


 Are all theory groups joined together?


Here at P.Louise we understand your learning needs and requirements. With past experience we always find that theory is best delivered in a group allowing you guys to bounce of one another when asking questions. We have also put into place some amazing prizes for our group theory sessions to ensure you get the utmost experience from a classroom environment. Your groups of 10 when in practical will be joined together to create less theory and more practical.


 Can I get in touch with staff via social media?

 Social Media is a place for us to relax, share images of our family, food and leisurely encounters. We must have a shut off point and although we are happy to help, not all DM’s go noticed. We have put the correct procedures in place for you to get in touch within working hours, Monday-Friday 10-6. If your request is urgent we would recommend calling the academy directly rather than emailing as emails have a 72 hour response time. Email enquiries should be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]


What size are the practice groups?

 Practice groups are separated into students of 10 accompanied by 2 P.Louise artists. It is important for us that when participating in practical sessions your numbers are smaller, so we can solely focus on makeup artistry and assisting you. We are here to help and ensure you leave our academy with the makeup knowledge you deserve.


What happens I am late or absent?

 You must contact the academy before 10am if you are going to be late or absent. This is compulsory as we must document your attendance throughout the course. We want to keep P.Louise HQ safe at all times and have a greater knowledge of our students circumstances. It is important that you are aware that we can decline your request to come back to the academy at our discretion if we deem this to be necessary. You must understand if you miss too many sessions you may fall behind, too far to catch up, resulting in instant dismissal.


Who do I call if I’m late or absent?

 You must contact the academy before 10am if you are going to be late or absent. This can be done by calling us direct on 0161 459 7420. Please ensure you speak with either your tutor or Andrew.


Can I choose my practice group?

 We have specifically placed you into groups accordingly. Unfortunately, under no circumstances are these groups to change unless you have addressed your concerns with Andrew who will have the authority to rearrange the practice groups.


 What do I do if I change my mind and I don’t want to continue with the course?

We are here to support you guys. We want to make sure your experience is amazing whilst with us here at P.Louise HQ. Communication is key. If we can resolve your situation of course we will do our best to resolve any situations that may occur during your time here. When considering leaving your VTCT course it is important you speak with Andrew as paperwork must be processed. We are here to wish you the best of luck no matter the decision you may make, we can assure we always have your best interests at heart.


Can I charge my phone in the academy?

 Unfortunately, as we are uncertain of your charger being PAT tested, we have the right to refuse any students charging their mobile phones. This applies to all electronic devices in accordance to health and safety guidelines. You can however see if any staff have a charger piece available on site approved by P.Louise HQ.


Why is the course not all P.Louise technique based?

 In order to provide you with a qualification we must adhere to a strict teaching criteria provided by the awarding VTCT. There are aspects of P.Louise interpreted within the course, however, unfortunately, on this occasion P.Louise is unable to break the rules.