Price : £100 - £500

Date : TBC

Duration : 20 Week

Payment Plan Information

£100 Deposit, £100 PCM until full balance is paid.

*No shippable products will be sent until balance is completely paid.

We are super excited to announce the launch of our first ever INTENSE PRO ONLINE 20 WEEK course. Designed to bring students of all abilities from around the world into one programme, we take you from entry level status to fully fledged P.Louise Professionals in twenty weeks.

The programme will run on one full day per week between 10am-5pm with a one hour interlude for lunch.

The Pro Programme will combine high definition live training with a comprehensive training manual outlining all theory we cover throughout the course.
We will help to develop your technical skills as a artist & expand your expertise as a brand & business owner.
With the option of a Bronze, Silver or Gold Package there is a programme designed for everyone. Whether you are a struggling MUA who has lost their way in the industry, or a school leaver looking to step into the world of makeup, this programme can be tailor made for your needs.

Unlike any online course on the market, P.Louise Pro has an action packed structure, crammed with the golden nuggets you would not learn anywhere else. Despite this course being hosted online, it is delivered to
ensure you receive practical relevant training suited to the industry NOW! With the opportunity to become part of a network of P.Louise professionals, we want to encourage our students to create relationships & broaden their circles to like minded aspiring MUAs around the world. We want to learn, empower & grow together.

The Silver & Gold Package enables each student to attend the P.Louise Academy once a month to help assist their learning & allow our senior artists to assess their progress.

With payment plans available to assist our students, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot enrol & become a P.Louise Pro today!

The modules you will cover are:

* English & Asian bridal
* ’Eye’dentifying your clients’ eye & dealing with different eye shapes
* Health and safety as an artist
* Building up the Brow, identifying different brow types, shapes and potential problems
* Colour matching and colour correcting the skin
* Positive thinking & development
* All Genders – Focus on ‘Drag’ makeup
* Women around the world
* Festival glamour, body painting & knowing your market
* Sfx Training
* Fashion & Editorial makeup
* Learn your own face & teaching your client
* Kit building & developing your product knowledge
* Drugstore full face vs Luxury cosmetics
* Back to basics
* Overcoming fears, problem clients and facing challenges
* Complex technicals – winged/ ombré liners
Plus more…

Bronze – £100
Silver – £250
Gold – £500


You will be sent an exclusive link to our private channel to watch the live broadcast where you can either kick back with a cup of tea and make notes or step up and work on your own model at the same time as our artist.

We’ve got you covered. Once the live training is over you will then have access to catch up on each tutorial. Thank us later 😉

This course is designed for absolutely anybody! Beginners, experienced MUA’s needing to refresh their skills, you guys across the pond in the US, you beauty’s down under in Australia. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME! At P.Louise we aim to create a relaxed, informative training session and encourage you guys to join in on the live chat to ask as many questions as you want & network with other students to create new relationships. #plouisefam All you need to complete the course is a wifi connection and the desire to learn.