P.Louise Big Badda Base 330ml



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P.Louise Big Badda Base 330ml

Introducing The P.Louise Big Badda Base, it is more than  handful. The Signature 15ml tube is perfect for individual use, however, we all know how extra I love to be….I have created more than a handful.
With 330ml of creamy, super luxurious goodness you can now receive a whole lot of ‘Rumour’ like you have never seen before. With our brand new P.Louise pink and gold Limited Edition packaging we present the monster of all bases. Designed to enhance, exaggerate and stop traffic dead in it’s tracks. With it’s super high coverage, it enhances shadows and showcases your talents in the best way possible.
A blank canvas has unlimited opportunities…what are you painting today?
P.Louise Limited Edition Base shade 2. ‘Rumour’ – 330ml
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