P.Louise Badda Black Base



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P.Louise Badda Black Base

Let me set the scene…You create the sickest smokey blend and now you are ready to apply a black gel to add depth and extra pizazz at the outer corner. You apply too much and now you are struggling to blend it in with your shadows! Chaos right? Well let me introduce the ‘Badda Black Base’. This creamy, thick, super workable Base has been designed by our artists to create the ultimate dark, sultry eye without the struggle of trying to blend using a gel. Combine this with our Limited Edition blending brush and you can pack a pretty smokey punch.
Smudge, smoke and intensify.
The set contains:
A Limited Edition Blending Brush
15ml Badda Black Base
NOTE, The brush bristles within this duo set, are a mixture of non-synthetic and synthetic hairs; silky soft but strategically structured, uniquely designed to kill the opposition with a feather like touch
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