*Please note if you have previously applied and been accepted for P.Louise Loyalty there is no need to apply again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points serval ways, this could be on the Live Loyalty sessions, on P.Louise products or even an in house academy course.

Product Discounts

So, for example if you have 500 points you can use this for money products.

500 points = £5 off

1000 points = £10 off

1500 points = £15 off

2000 points = £20 off

2500 points = £25 off

If you want to use your points for P.Louise Loyalty Live this will require 3000 points.

For a 1-1 in house* course this will use 5000 point

For an online course** this will use 5000 points.

How often are the lives?

The live will be held every quarter, so for 4 weeks you will be shown some of the most creative looks live from the academy. The live session will be voiced by Paige herself. What if you miss the live, I hear you ask? Don’t worry about these guy’s, you will be given catch up to all the live sessions for the full month.

What will be included in the live?

You will be given access to 1 live per week for 4 weeks. Within the live you are given the chance to ask the CEO herself all of her hints and tips to become as successful as she is. You will have access to exclusive discounts*** from some of the leading brands.

Each week you will be given a new # this is to re-create the look from the live. The best recreation will have the chance to win some amazing prizes.

What if I have done a VTCT Level 3?

If you have joined the VTCT Level 3 Makeup Course after November, you will be entitled to ****3345 point. That’s a lot of points to send babe.

*1-1 will require a deposit to secure your place, please note this non-transferable and non-refundable. The 1-1 is one day only.

**excluding any of the £4.99 and £9.99 tutorials.

***if you use a discount code on your purchase please note this will affect your points.

****please note that VTCT Level 3 points will not be added until you have complete the course and you have received your certificate.

Terms and Conditions Apply.