Just like a primer for your face, an eyeshadow primer is designed to provide the perfect base for your eye makeup. Your eyeshadow will stay in place and will look flawless all day! Eyeshadow primers often cause creasing on the eyelid after a while, which is why we developed our revolutionary formula that prevents creasing.

With a tacky formula that is easily buildable, you can create the perfect blank canvas to create magic on! Not only will your makeup last all day, but it will enhance the colour of any shadow to make any look impeccable. Our eyeshadow primers are available in natural shades, or we have coloured eyeshadow primers and metallic eyeshadow primers to help you to be creative.

The best part of our gorgeous eyeshadow primers is that they are multi-use, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try cutting your crease, carving out your brows, brightening your under eye, trying body art or even as cream contour!

Many eyeshadow primers have a very thin consistency that can be applied to your lid by hand, whereas our eyeshadow primer has a luxurious thick and creamy consistency that helps to achieve a flawless application. You will see that our eyeshadow primer helps to intensify the colours of your shadows and help you blend seamlessly!

Use a #7071 flat brush to apply the eyeshadow primer to your lid and allow the side of the bristles to carve out the brow and to achieve a smooth application. You can then pat the product onto your eyelid and apply the desired amount of product for a light or full coverage finish! This is when you can build up customisable coverage depending on the look you are going for. Our eyeshadow primer doesn’t need setting, so go straight in with your eyeshadows and prepare for perfection!

Many people use foundation or concealer as an eyeshadow primer, yet eyeshadow primers are specially formulated to provide the ideal base for your shadows and it is hard for a concealer or foundation to replicate that!

Foundation and concealer will work well in terms of blocking out any pigmentation or redness on the shadow. When it comes to your actual eyeshadow, eyeshadow primer is the only way to prevent creasing. For flawless results every time, it is best to stick to an eyeshadow primer to help your eyeshadows stick to you! Prepare to create a cut crease sharp enough to cut out those haters babe.

If you are applying eyeshadow, or you want to cover any pigmentation or redness on the lid, then you will need eyeshadow primer! This will help to make sure that your eye makeup doesn’t budge to keep you looking your best babe!

Your makeup game will be changed forever when you try our eyeshadow primer, the famous PLouise base. Get ready for long lasting and flawless finishes that will turn heads for all the right reasons. Our products stand tall above any others and can be used in so many different ways, so you can mix and match your way to makeup success!