Don’t worry hun, we’ve all been there, looking irresistible on a night out, but having to reapply our lipstick all the time! Our PLouise long lasting lipsticks are specially formulated and designed to be super long lasting, but there are some tricks you can use to take your look to another level.

If you want your liquid lipstick to be even more long lasting, then it’s all in the prep, babe. Lip scrubs are a must if you regularly wear lipstick or gloss, as it helps to remove dead skin cells from your lips. Lip scrubs are super gentle on the lips and mean that your lipstick will last even longer as it stops it from looking patchy or dry. Another tip is to keep your lips hydrated, because in the same way you look after your glowing skin, your lips need some love and attention throughout the day too! Use a good quality lip balm throughout the day when you’re not wearing lipstick (SPF is a must!) to keep lips plump and hydrated.

When you use a liquid lipstick, lip gloss or balm, you can make it last longer by setting the colour onto your lips. Whilst our lip bases are long lasting with a matte finish, keep it in place for longer using this handy setting tip. After applying your liquid lipstick, use a small paper towel and press against your lips to remove any excess product! This will give you the perfect long lasting liquid lipstick look.

Compared to a normal lipstick, with long lasting liquid lipsticks you are able to create a much more precise finish without the need for lip liner. You will achieve fuller lips with just one product! Also, liquid lipsticks last much longer than your normal liquid, especially when they have a matte finish like our lip bases.

Once your liquid lipstick has set, you don’t need to worry about any smudging! You can enjoy your drinks throughout the night without worrying whether your lipstick will still be intact. Also, liquid lipsticks are great for babes on a budget, as you only need a tiny amount of product that will go such a long way!

The best advice we can give when it comes to how to stop liquid lipstick from cracking is to invest in the right product. Some formulas simply cause flaking, so there is not much you can do to actually prep the lips to prevent it. Aside from exfoliating the lips, the power lies in the product!

With any liquid lipstick, the key is not applying too much. Rather than layering up your long lasting liquid lipsticks, keep in mind that less is more and do one coat! To achieve a flake free finish every time that lasts up to 12 hours, choose the PLouise lip bases!

Applying long lasting liquid lipstick with PLouise couldn’t be easier! Each of our lip bases come with an easy applicator, so you simply squeeze a pea sized amount of the product out of the tube and apply it across your lips. You only need a thin layer and you will have a flake free pout for up to 12 hours!

If you want a super precise finish, squeeze the product out onto your hand and apply with a PLouise #7072 brush, although the design of our applicator will still leave a flawless finish. These creamy long lasting liquid lipsticks contain vitamin E, shea butter and hyaluronic acid to make sure those lips are nourished.