Hi my babes,

On behalf of us all at P.Louise, we are wishing you health, safety and lots of love. In light of the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus our priority is the well-being of our customers and employees.

We are following all measured given by government guidelines. We are still operating as normal and safely sending out orders. Please bear in mind, you may experience a slight delay due to limited staff. 

I want to thank you for your continuous support with the P.Louise Brand. In times like this we need to stick together as a community spreading awareness, love and laughter between us. We will continue to educate and inspire you guys and hope to continue to spread the love. I can't fix all the problems around the world but I promise we wont face them alone.

All my love,


My life has not always been filled with Fendi and expensive business lunches.

The true story is something very different.

My mum and dad separated when I was young. I grew up living in a two-bedroom terrace in Droyslden, Greater Manchester with my Mum and brother Luke. We literally had nothing. No furniture to sit on and at the beginning, no duvet for me and Luke to share. I left high school without any qualifications. I HATED school, but I always knew what I wanted to do with my life and one thing that never changed was my determination for success.

I’m a girl who came from nothing, but I had a huge dream and I promised myself that I would achieve it. I went from earning less than £600 a month, struggling to get by, to earning 3.8 million in my first year of cosmetics.

Budgeting, forecasting and meeting goals is something I strive within. I’ve taken P.louise from barely making ends meet to being a multi-million pound company by securing my income each month. I set goals and make sure that I smash them every single time. I feel that planning is something every business needs no matter the industry, simple money crunch with guaranteed results.

I get such a thrill from helping others to live stress free, money problems.. what money problems?

Let me help you secure your future. 

– I will give you an insight into my journey and my success behind the scenes and how I made my growth quadruple in 5 years.
– I will teach you how to scale your business and increase profits.
– I will educate you on how to build relationships with your clients and find your niche in the industry.
– I will teach you how to make relationships with competitors, share the market and double the increase.

I am a magnet to success. Everything I’ve ever dreamt of, I’ve made happen. I no longer check price tags in stores, I don’t even check my mail. I’ve allowed myself to finally secure myself financially for months in advance by planning and investing time into social media – after all it’s FREE advertisement. We are in a generation where our phones work for us, we can contact people from around the globe from the comfort of our own homes. I want to mentor you to change your thinking, shift your focus and get the life that you never thought was possible.

I haven’t always been this money making boss, I was once lost. I was on minimum wage without focus on where I was going but with dedication and a whole lot of planning I made this happen. I’ve not only changed my life but others around me and I want to do the same for YOU.

Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to the success.I want to ensure all Queens and Kings from around the world upgrade their business and transform their life.

You can achieve anything you want to babe, the only person stopping you.. is YOU.

Start from nothing, Stop for nothing.


You simply sign into your P.Louise account, sign up and on the 25th your videos will be available to watch here. Take lots of notes, make it happen to achieve your goals. Take your business to the next step and level up with P.Louise.


Endless knowledge, confidence and guidance from P.Louise herself. Learn from her mistakes.. Master her wins and learn how to achieve that happily ever after. You will receive 3 tutorials with P.Louise herself, goal and target sheets Babes, you’ve got this.


If it worked for P.Louise, a woman with zero business knowledge, then it can work for anyone who wants to smash their dreams. You can adapt P.Louise’s techniques into your industry and make some serious moves.
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