As you probably already know, here at P.Louise, we don’t do anything by halves and we are extremely excited to introduce our P.Louise Perfecting School 12 month course. This is an intense, practical course designed solely around P.Louise techniques and artistry. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to start out in the makeup industry or an established MUA looking to advance your existing skills, this course has been developed for anyone who wants to redefine their artistry and master the signature P.Louise styles. You will leave the academy at the end of the 12 months equipped with skills of the highest standard in makeup artistry.

P.Louise Perfecting School will run one day a week for 12 months and will require the utmost dedication and commitment. The course is self-funded and will cost £5000. It requires a 20% deposit of £1000 to secure your place and the remaining £4000 doesn’t have to be paid until the course commences in September 2019. The £5000 cost of the course includes a £1000 kit with everything you will need, including high end products and brushes from leading brands in the makeup industry. This is our longest ever course and is extremely limited to 100 people, so places will be given on a first come first served basis. You will need to bring your own model.

You will need to attend the academy one day a week for 12 months (52 weeks). This is a hands-on, 100% practical course with a full P.Louise curriculum. You will be taught absolutely everything there is to know about the P.Louise signature style from 2 of our Senior makeup artists. Lessons will include everything there is to know about P.Louise artistry, from back to basics such as eyebrow tutorials, to being able to master our heavy glam signature P.Louise looks, and will even touch upon Special FX makeup. The course is all about redefining your makeup artistry and breaking the rules. Progression plans are included in the course and the evidence of your work will be signed off by senior P.Louise artists. You will also receive additional help and a monthly mentoring session from P.Louise herself to track and monitor the progression of your work.

You will be given absolutely amazing opportunities such as makeup trips and excursions, you will have priority access to new and future P.Louise products and collections and you will also be given the opportunity to use the products in your lessons. Step inside the world of P.Louise and experience our most intensive, hands on and intimate course to date.

You will be able to apply for this extremely limited course from 11am on the 12.10.2018. Please call the academy on 0161 459 7420 to apply.

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