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On behalf of us all at P.Louise, we are wishing you health, safety and lots of love. In light of the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus our priority is the well-being of our customers and employees.

We are following all measured given by government guidelines. We are still operating as normal and safely sending out orders. Please bear in mind, you may experience a slight delay due to limited staff. 

I want to thank you for your continuous support with the P.Louise Brand. In times like this we need to stick together as a community spreading awareness, love and laughter between us. We will continue to educate and inspire you guys and hope to continue to spread the love. I can't fix all the problems around the world but I promise we wont face them alone.

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Say hello to our longest ever ONLINE course, and guess what? It’s coming to you in the comfort of your own home, what more could you ask for?

Our cutting edge online lessons will allow you to learn from your own home. Our industry leading makeup artists will teach you our signature Instagram style with a sprinkle of sass, not only that but we have pulled together some of the biggest independent artist’s as surprise guests. We will be combining Instagram makeup TV, catwalk, numerous bridal styles and much much more.

This online 52 week course is made up of over 100 learning hours and will allow: your skillset to increase, your confidence to triple and your career to take off. Alongside online pre-recorded videos you will have the support of Skype sessions that will be taught on a one to one basis, and can be seen from anywhere in the world. Just you and our top senior artists.

From kit advice to client communication we have you covered, We have designed this course to include everything you will ever need to know to become a successful make-up artist, all in your own home. We will cover everything from how to sanitise, clean and select the right brushes to working on different eye shapes, skin tones and skin types and even show you how to build your social media and start a successful business. Paige herself will help build you in business and our talented artists will help develop your skill.

This course sounds pretty good, wouldn’t you agree? Well it gets better. You may think a course like this will break the bank. We’re giving you all of our knowledge and secrets at your fingertips. To make this course attainable for each and every potential artist, from all over the world, we have created multiple payment options breaking the cost down into small glitter sized chunks. Want to know more about this? Head to our payment plan section and pick an option that suits you.

Interested? I bet you are!

So dust off those make-up brushes and get ready to blend like a P.Louise Pro!

Together we can conquer the industry.

*This course is available for purchase at any time. Videos are released monthly on your corresponding payment date.


Our P.Louise Online Professional make-up artistry course is effective for anyone wanting to learn from at home or over seas. Your online programme will be studied through distance learning allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Your online content will be available to you through our website on your very own online P.Louise portal, You can access the videos and re watch these at any time day or night. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird. Allowing you 52 weeks of content at the palm of your hands.

Your modules will be released monthly after watching, absorbing and becoming the very best artist you can be. Test yourself and your knowledge to release the next module with our module completion quiz. These tests allow you to see how much of the course content you’ve absorbed and allows you to re-watch and re-learn until you get your required percentage.

Our online videos are pre recorded to the highest standard with Paige herself and one of our longest standing
artist speaking over the videos allowing you to get product information, business advice and guidance throughout. With live chat available our P.Louise seniors are a click away, Our live chat is available at any time 10am - 5.30pm GMT for us to support and assist you with any problem or concerns you may have. We  are here to help take you to the top.


We do things differently here, We break rules. Our academy aims to teach you our skill level that blows Instagram makeup out of the water. We won’t just educate you in cut creases but allow business advice along side to support and make you into a bouji boss! Supporting you both with skill and social media sass we aim to mould you into the king/ queen you was born to be. P.Louise has established a name world wide with our looks being shared viral on social media, We want to teach you our skill and techniques without breaking the bank. Our style of makeup is forever growing with our diaries full until mid 2020. Save them flights and learn online with some of your favourite artists.


This course is designed to ensure your industry ready on completion, with 52 weeks of content and endless
techniques no matter what field of makeup your passionate about we have you covered. We created this course with our over sea clients in mind as we understand we are not as accessible without some expensive flights and accommodations. As most of our customers aren’t able to access the P.Louise HQ we are bringing the HQ to you. With a Skype session available, you are able to talk to our senior artists 1:1 and master techniques that you are finding difficult alone.


To book your Skype session you need to start by logging into your personal portal and reserving your date, time and fill out a personal application, this is so we can able to assess your skill level and personalised the lesson to you. Within the application we will ask you to select 1 look from 10 pre selected looks, please be aware if we feel you are a beginner, from the information you have provided us with, we may alter the look on the day to benefit you the most. On the relevant day and time we will call you from our Skype account so make sure you have created a Skype account . You can chat live with our senior artist about any concerns or struggles and we will also have a model ready to help show you how to master the look of your choosing. You can recreate at the same time as us on your own model or simply watch and ask questions. Remember this is your time and its a one to one 2 hour session. Them 2 hours are there to help you develop and progress as an artist.


All you need to know is they will be on top of the game in the UK . We will be bringing you the most hyped about industry professionals that exist from the comfort of your own home.


Your videos are available each month as you complete a module. We realise your course content at the start of every month to ensure your keeping on top of your game, Managing your time and creating magic. The course content is available to you for 52 weeks, rewatch and replay as much as your heart desires. Just remember your first module will be available for 12 months but the last module will only be available for 2 months, but by then you will be a pro.


Yes once the course is completed you will be awarded with a certificate that will be available to download straight onto your account.


We have Skype lessons where our senior artist can provide tips, advice and constructive criticism throughout the session to ensure your forever developing within your skill and confidence.


Yes you sure do. Alongside discounts from some of our favourite brands that we use daily!

Terms and conditions for online course. 

By subscribing you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as stated below. 
  1. Payment Plan: Your payment plan will be set up once your deposit is paid. This we will monthly recurring up until full course payment is made. This will be taken from your bank/PayPal account every month on the same day. If you Have opted for payment plan option 1 and option 2 your deposit will be taken when you purchase the course, but your first monthly payment will not be taken until January  2020.
  2. If your payment fails: if your payment is to fail, your online course content will automatically stopped and removed until all payments are up to date. videos can not be bought separately for a reduced fee of the total cost of the course. 
  3. If you are having any issues with this please email. [email protected] It is your responsibility to make sure all your payment are complete and are on time.
  4. How to end your contact: if you would like to end your contact please email [email protected] we will process your withdrawal with immediate effect. Please see 4. for refund policy. 
  5. Right to a refund: refunds will only be given if you are to cancel your contact within 14 days of your first payment. After this time no refunds will be given, this also includes transferring the monies across to another course. 
  6. Any changes: we have the right to make any changes to the course, were we see fit. Please note this includes course content, the day of the week content is uploaded. This also applies to you as a customer, if any of your details are to change, please make sure you update your online account as soon as possible. 
  7. Video release will always attempt to take place on the 7th of each month, or the earliest working day after the 7th.  we reserve the right to upload videos at a later date if technical difficulties do occur.
  8. How we will use your data: your data will not be shared with any third-party companies. We will not sell your date. Your data will only be use for PLMA use. 
  9. Complaints: if you would like to make a complaint, please make sure you do this in writing (email) to [email protected] please note all complaints will be acknowledged with 48 hours. All complaints will answered within 28 working days. 
  10. Right to refuse: please note we have the right to refuse anyone to participate on our course. 
  11. Sharing online content: PLMA online content must note be shared with anyone.  If you are to share course content this will result in your account been terminated. We may also take legal action. 
  12. Recording online material: recording online material is strictly forbidden. 
  13. Appearance of guest artist is based upon there availability the appliance of the guest artists dates may change. 
  14. Your Live chat messages will always be responded to within 24 hours. 
  15. Please be aware Paige may not be able to voice over any videos, as it would depend on her availability at the time of production.  
  16. It is your responsibility to make sure you have created a Skype account before you Skype lesson. 
  17. You have 4 attempts to answer your Skype phone call, theses being; at the stated start time, 5 minutes after, 10 minuets after and 15 minuets after, If you do not answer and you have not called us, to make us aware of a technical difficulty, you will loose this lesson and will not be provided with a replacement.
  18. If you are having a technical issue with you Skype call you must call us at least 15 minuets prior to your lesson start time. If you are unable Able to get through by phone you must email us. 
  19. If you are unable to resolve the technical issues within 30 minutes of your stated start time, your lesson will be cancelled and you will not be provided with a replacement. 
  20. If the academy experience technical difficulties whilst Skype lessons are commencing please rest assure we will do our up most to resolve this issue as soon as possible. 
  21. Models used on video content is based upon model availability at the time, we can not guarantee there will be new faces each week. 
Please also refer to our main set of T&C for more information.  
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