Hi my babes,

On behalf of us all at P.Louise, we are wishing you health, safety and lots of love. In light of the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus our priority is the well-being of our customers and employees.

We are following all measured given by government guidelines. We are still operating as normal and safely sending out orders. Please bear in mind, you may experience a slight delay due to limited staff. 

I want to thank you for your continuous support with the P.Louise Brand. In times like this we need to stick together as a community spreading awareness, love and laughter between us. We will continue to educate and inspire you guys and hope to continue to spread the love. I can't fix all the problems around the world but I promise we wont face them alone.

All my love,

Express yourself to Success

Come ride the train of success with me your host P.Louise

Take the 1st class journey to destination LEVEL UP where we will be indulging in Lives and Academy visits.

We understand your commitment to home life, We don’t blame you for prioritising your loved ones and as always your career takes a back seat. 

Not no more babe, Your about to ride in the drivers seat. 

Lets focus on you and make learning fun from home, With evening lives you can sit back and listen with a 100 percent concentration allowing you

to master your skill from your kitchen side whilst serving up the dinner.

You’ll Be rocking up to the academy 6 times (express plus members only), that’s one amazing visit per month to master our techniques in person and be taught by some of the best artists in the game.

Our senior artist will guide you to create your masterpiece and support you throughout the session. We provide the kit, all you need is your brushes on each visit. A demo 

will be presented to you in the morning. Breaking down each step and answering all your questions, then in the afternoon you will reproduce the look with guidance from our team.

We will jump in and assist throughout to ensure you create to your best ability. 

6 months of dedication by us and 6 months of commitment from yourself to start your artistry journey. (express plus members only)

This course was designed for people around the world, No matter your destination come join us and lets take the first step to success together. 

Lets paint babe and enjoy the process again.

When I designed this course I knew how important it was for my students to have a course revolving around them, I knew night lives benefited more

Than in the day as most of us are in work so find it hard to take out 3 hours a day to tune in. Lives are amazing as you can interact with myself P.Louise & Abi Manager who between us will dedicate our evenings to you guys to ensure all your questions are covered and your learning at the same pace as us. Struggling at any point? No worries. We put our brushes down and reteach that section breaking down the steps for you to fully understand our P.Louise techniques. 

24 Lives over 6 months will have you flying your way to full columns, with a course suited around you your guaranteed unreal results. 

The question is are you ready to make the Change TODAY or ONE DAY ?

If you haven’t joined our lives before then you're missing out, watching breathtaking work being performed LIVE from the academy being streamed to your home.

The best bit about the lives, We keep no secrets. As professionals its my dedication to you to ensure you master my skill or at least feel confident recreating our art.

These lives will be FAR from simple, Concentrating on the most on demand makeup we will be presenting to you instagram trends, mixed in with some popular requests to ensure your portfolio is AMAZING and your set for any filed of artistry.

Building you to be an all rounder artist we will concentre on growing your skill, knowledge and business sass. You can ask any questions on our lives with answers from Me P.Louise & Abi my manager of 5 years.

Our artists will monitor your progress with myself P.Louise overseeing there notes to give consistent feedback, We will build a portfolio together babe. 

With payment plans available we are sure to fit your budget, Lets purchase babe we’ve got blending to do.

 What time will the course be?

The course will be every Tuesday for 6 months (from 2nd June to 10th Nov)

The first live will be Tuesday 2nd June 2020.

The lives will be 10am - 5pm GMT.

 How much is the course?

P.Louise Express: £100

P.Louise Express Plus: £500 (payment plans available)

What is included?

Express: Your Express ticket will give you access to all 24 lives, here you will be given the chance to interact with everyone on the live. You will also have access to catch up* just incase you miss anything

Express Plus: Not only do you get access to the lives, you also have the chance to come into the academy for 6 session (check sessions schedule)**, that’s 1 a month. This will be your time to shine and show us what you are made of.

How will the Academy sessions work? 

When you visit the academy, you will be in a group of no more than 10 students. The morning you will be shown a demo of one of our most requested looks. (these will be different for every month) In the afternoon you will get your chance to recreate the looks with the assistance of our P.Louise Senior artists.

Will my progress be monitored?

Yes, on your first academy visit you will be given a progress tracker, this will be a booklet for you to keep and update through the course. We will explain more about this on your first day.

A P.Louise Goodie Bag worth £200****

Discount codes from all of our favourite brands including P.Louise and P.Louise Fashion*****

Competitions and much more.......

*Please note the lives from the course will be available on your account for 1 month only

**Please note that once you have booked all your session dates they cannot be changed, if you chose to cancel/cannot attend no alternative dates will be given.

***P.Louise have the right to change the dates of the live within 24 hours.

****Your goodie bag will not be dispatched until all payments have been made.

*****Discounts will be given every month via our monthly newsletter.

P.Louise Express is due to arrive on Platform Success Tuesday 2nd June.

With P.Louise Express Plus you can choose one day each month to attend the academy.

Platform 1:
8 th June – 3 rd July (this does not include weekends)
Platform 2:
6 th July- 31 st July (this does not include weekends)
Platform 3:
3 rd August – 28 th August (this does not include weekends)
Platform 4:
7th September – 2 nd October (this does not include weekends)
Platform 5:
5 th October – 30 th October (this does not include weekends)
Platform 6:
2 nd November – 27 th November (this does not include weekends)

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