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On behalf of us all at P.Louise, we are wishing you health, safety and lots of love. In light of the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus our priority is the well-being of our customers and employees.

We are following all measured given by government guidelines. We are still operating as normal and safely sending out orders. Please bear in mind, you may experience a slight delay due to limited staff. 

I want to thank you for your continuous support with the P.Louise Brand. In times like this we need to stick together as a community spreading awareness, love and laughter between us. We will continue to educate and inspire you guys and hope to continue to spread the love. I can't fix all the problems around the world but I promise we wont face them alone.

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Do you want to level up to become a badass beginner? Look at you with your bad self, dedicated to stepping up your artistry. A course designed with a beginner in mind focusing on blends, most requested looks and your speed.These three key factors make up the recipe for success, after-all, being able to blend the most highly requested make ups in a timely manner is going to always have them columns booming.

To achieve greatness you must first make the dedicated decision to jump in at the deep-end with P.Louise. don’t worry though, our lifeguards aka MUA’s will always ensure you swim the full length. We’ve got you.

Our beginner course is not for the faint hearted. Our intense course will mould you as an artist allowing you to leave our course with a new title - MUA. Four full weeks of artistry that will cover brow techniques, skin application and the most dreaded part of all - winged liner.

You won’t be winging your way to success though babe. You’ll be flying once completing our beginner baddies. Although you won’t be at pro status, once leaving us you’ll have the basic knowledge of artistry allowing you to take on appointments.

Education is lethal. Cut-creases are in the horizon for you once completing our month course. We will guide you every step of the way with intense training. Although you’ll be in a group, we ensure one-to-one mentoring is given throughout with P.Louise herself ensuring you’re up to scratch.

Now here’s the question.. what exactly are you waiting for?

It’s either one day, or day one.


Angelic artistry is already your game but let’s take you up to the next stage babe.

Be prepared to embark on a journey of self-belief because once you finish this course babe, your artistry will blow your own mind. You will achieve cut creases you never thought were possible. FaceTune? Not needed here babe.

This course is one of our most intense, tweaking your skills as an artist over 22 days. Yes thats 22 days to make sure your artistry is the one that everyone will desire. We will challenge your ability assisting you on levelling up your skill-set.

With this course there is no need to have your head in the clouds, because dreams really do come true. By the time you leave your artistry will be up there with some of the best in the world, we will fine tune your skills and technique so that you will be competing with our very own P.Louise artists.

Perfection is key. Your work will be heavily scrutinised and stripped back to understand where there may be cracks in your artistry and application. The reason behind this constructive criticism is to ensure you master our techniques and reap the benefits of our amazing artists.

This course isn’t for the faint hearted we will push you and challenge you so that one day your name will be up there in the hall of fame. From cutcreases to technical liner we have you covered. There’s nothing simple about this course. Instead, you’ll be mastering the art of instagram makeup in all its glory.

Think you’re ready for the challenge? Then let’s make an advanced angel out of you.


Simply purchase the course online, selecting your payment plan and get ready for the challenge. Scan through your date options and purchase your desired availability - be quick babe, people are ready to change their lives. The race is on. Once you’ve secured your place we will contact you to ensure you’re all set for your month long course. We understand at P.Louise it’s always nice to hear another human at the other end of the phone, any questions? We are just a phone call away.


(payment plans available)


Be ready to have your mind blown with the intricacies you will be taught by some of the UK’s, if not the worlds best artists. After 22 days of intense training you will be ready to take the industry by storm. You will have the best images to upload on your social media platforms to get that coin in babe. On completion you will also receive a P.Louise in house Certificate signed by Paige to recognize your incredible ability to blend.


You will need to bring your own brushes, as your brushes are your tools and a make-up artist is only as good as the tools they use. You will need to bring a model to each session or we can provide one for you at an extra cost of £25 per session. Remember, your model is needed from 1:30pm.


No babe. You have free rein to use our kit whilst in the P.Louise Academy. By experimenting with our large range of brands you can get the feel for investing into your own kit.


Beginner Baddies will begin June 1st at 10am with a one hour break for lunch. The expected time to finish your course is 5pm, however this may run over or finish slightly earlier, depending on the classes speed. You will be attending the academy each day, Monday to Friday, until June 3oth. 

Advanced Angels will begin August 3rd at 10am with a one hour break for lunch. The expected time to finish your course is 5pm, however this may run over or finish slightly earlier, depending on the classes speed. You will be attending the academy each day, Monday to Friday, until August 31st.


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